Construction Documentation and Photography Services

Architectural Photography and Travel Photography in San Francisco

Perretti & Park Pictures offers professional photo and video documentation of construction progress, existing adjacent conditions before construction, architectural design, staff training videos on how to use the electrical/mechanical features of a new building and other related services. Our company's construction documentation services are available to clients in the San Francisco Bay Area, San Jose and Sacramento.

Some of the past projects we've documented include the lifting of the Emporium Dome, the construction of Bloomingdales shopping mall, the Museum of Modern Art, YBC and All the Moscone Buildings San Francisco. Other clients include: City of Sacramento, City of San Francisco, City of San Jose, Webcor Builders, Turner Construction, AMEC, S..J. Amoroso, Herrick Corporation, Hathaway Dinwiddie Construction, The Hunt Group, McCarthy Construction, and San Francisco Art Commission.

With our company's high-tech documentation processes and equipment, you can have a full, detailed photographic record of your construction project at every stage of its development. These photos/images are all high-definition and are inspection-grade views that will effectively show the actual conditions at every construction site.

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More About Our Construction Documentation Services

Here at Perretti & Park Pictures, our professional photographers take literally thousands of photos/images for our clients in the real estate, housing, and business sectors. Every photo produced for our clients are inspection-grade images that are very useful in showing and preserving the actual conditions of the construction area/location where it was taken. Engineers, architects, and stakeholders never need to second-guess what they see on the photos and can always use them to make informed decisions and evaluations of their construction project.

Aside from professional photographers taking your construction images, we also do the image management and documentation for you. Our services include the upload, labeling, management, and preservation of your construction images wherever you wish them to be stored. You can have your high-definition photos stored on your company’s secure online server or you can choose to store them in a shared drive for all your employees, engineers, or designers to access.

Our construction documentation services can help you cover and record the step-by-step development of your building, apartment, home, or office building. We can offer time-lapse services to show the actual progress of a building construction from start to finish. Time-lapse recording is also best for showing the existing conditions around your construction area prior to other developments such as additional stores, houses, or buildings.

Construction Documentation Services: How We Do It

Perretti & Park Pictures has invested in the latest technology, equipment, and software in order to continuously provide the best quality and professional construction documentation services to our clients in San Francisco and other locations. We have developed various documentation platforms both online and offline that all aim to give our clients and their construction team the fastest and most convenient access to the photographic records/images we produce during the span of their project. Our documentation platforms can be made available to concerned parties anytime and anywhere or can be set up for exclusive access to certain teams or departments.

Within our documentation platform, we make sure that all your photos are high definition, inspection-grade quality. These images are properly indexed based on your construction project’s architectural drawings and we include the date, time, and location of each image. These details will guarantee a faster, easier, and more efficient way of finding the information and image you are searching for. Hence, they also save you time and effort in doing your construction projects.

Construction Time-Lapse

And, if you need time-lapse coverage of your project or part of it, such as the Emporium Dome-Left shown on this page, we’ll be happy to set up a still or video camera to capture the changes.